Best Period Tracker Apps For 2023

Using these applications, women may keep tabs on their menstrual periods and learn when they are likely to begin. Almost all of these applications also forecast the day of ovulation and the fertile window.

Period Tracker is convenient and accurate for keeping tabs on your monthly menstrual cycle. Each month, you push a button when your period begins. And Period Tracker uses the average duration of your last three cycles to anticipate when your next period will begin.

Millions of people in the United States use period-tracking apps to learn more about their cycles. Time their ovulation, and keep tabs on their overall health. Using these apps, you can be alerted of the impending arrival of your period.

Best Period Tracker Apps

  • Clue.
  • MySysters. 
  • Apple Health.
  • Flo.
  • FitrWoman.
  • Glow.

Detectors of cyclical changes may occasionally error.

Online and mobile phone apps that allow women to keep track of their conception have become useful resources for those attempting to conceive. A recent study, though, shows that the majority of these fertility trackers produce false active periods.

Best period tracker apps 2022


Since, well, to be real, you probably did not pay attention to the sexual education category, Insight promotes its app as being able to educate you about your body.

This app is realistic since it allows you to track every aspect of your cycle, including the acne your period causes and the migraines PMS. Not only does Dr. Kudesia recommend this app, but she uses it regularly.

Although downloading the Insight app won’t cost you a dime, upgrading to Clue Plus will give you more information about your body and its functions. In addition to better period forecasting, it also provides a deeper analysis of your cycle.


The Flo application is so widespread that even if you never use it yourself, chances are high that you know a person who does.

Thousands of people check in daily to track their conception and menstrual cycle experiences. And the resulting charts are incredibly helpful for understanding when these events occur in your body. (These are useful irrespective of whether you suspect a problem with your menstrual cycle when you go to the doctor.)

You can choose between a free or premium version of Flo. Flo Price is paid, although the key attributes are free. In addition to unrestricted access to the Flo Added Benefits and the video programs, the monthly cost includes a daily wellness plan, content curated by experts, premium customer service, and more.

Ovia Fertility

The Ovia app may be your best bet if you’re seeking to avoid your period (i.e., become pregnant). The basal body temperature, cervical position, and cervical mucus. It helps you track are particularly useful because it is a conception tracker. Unlike many other pregnancy monitors, it can also record the period and provide assumptions regarding your menstrual cycle. Or fertility based on the information you provide.

Eve by Glow

While the original Glow app is highly regarded as a pregnancy tracker. The Eve app emphasises monitoring your monthly cycle in addition to your sexual life and exercise routines. The vibrant artwork and iconography are sure to grab your attention. And the GUI is spotless, as noted by Dr. Kudesia. This app include in best period tracker apps 2022.


Regular monitoring of your menstrual on an app may seem like a significant effort. If you’re starting to experience your period (or if you know someone).

Thankfully, your time’s technical ins and options may be learned with relative ease thanks to the MagicGirl. Period Tracker, which was created with teenagers in mind. The app can serve as a pill reminder and a place to talk to other women about menstruation. And toiletry items (something we could all use help with).

Which period tracking app is the most secure?

Drip, Yuki, and Periodical are our top picks because they keep data on your device and don’t share it with anybody else.

Can you tell me whether clue or Flo is the superior app?

Compared to other period-tracking applications like Flo, Stardust, Period Calendar, and Period Tracker, Clue has a lower risk profile for its users.

How reliable are period tracking apps?

How reliable are electronic calendars in logging periods? The apps’ data aren’t always spot-on. However, some studies show that, barring the influence of environmental or hormonal effects, the dates indicated by period trackers are generally reliable.


There are many best period and ovulation tracker apps Reviews for Period Tracker’s Period Calendar are universally positive, making it the best software for monitoring menstrual cycles available on Google. That may have a lot to do with how simple it is: It’s easy to use, has a basic symptom tracking and rating system, and can be used by anyone.