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1945 Air Force is an aircraft game where you play as a pilot. It is a 2D game but has well-detailed graphics with a lot of features. You will find tons of levels and difficult bosses. You have to be skillful to kill them and pass the levels. There are also unlimited coins and gems which will help you buy things in the game.
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1945 Air Force is a famous military arcade game with unique features. You are a pilot in this game, and the game is the scene of world war II. Show your skills, control all bombers and famous fighters, and upgrade them to more guns. The different classic simulations design this gameplay, and you can attack by yourself in the waves of the other classics, and on the finishing level of the game, you will fight with the Boss. In the game 1945 Air Force, I have 30 battle zone, 350 companies, and the 40 legendary aircraft of the U.S Air Force, Japan, Germany, and other countries.

1945 air force mod apk introduction

 1945 Air Force is the shooter game developed and published by ONES OF and is available for IOS and Android platforms. This game is the Air Force battle where you are alone in the waves to kill your enemies. In the simple concept, you will enjoy the 90s shooter experience. 1945 Air Force mod APK, you will find 16 more fighters and unique unlimited features on your mobile device. Download now 1945 Air Force mod APK file from my website and get all things unlocked to make your game more interesting. If you like Military Dron fight game then play Drone Shadow Strike Mod Apk.

 Moreover, 1945 Air Force mod APK is the best game for you. You can play this using many tricks. I will tell you how to get total rewards on the stealth quest. Tip number one, you batter to start the stage at least three ranks lower than your current rank. Because it is safer, and you won’t die by one hit if the enemy spots you. Tip number two is when you touch any yellow lights, and you are only allowed till it turns orange because once it turns red, all the surrounding planes will be warned and attack you. Tips number three every time you scan and steal the information, avoid the light fast as possible otherwise, you will be attacked again. Stay connected with the 1945 Air Force Facebook official page to know the updates about game.

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Unlimited Coins and Gems

Unlimited Coins and Gems

If you are playing 1945 Air Force, you want to upgrade career ranks, aircraft, and many more. And you are fortunate because you will get these all here in this mod game. All you need is to install this game on your device, and then you will get unlimited money and gems, including Aircraft, Ranks Gems, and many more, without doing anything. 

Good 2D Graphics 

Good 2D Graphics 

The game focuses on the 1945 period, so there are not so many details on Appearance, but it has a good experience. The graphics are 2D, but they are not dark and blurry. These graphics are tiny but look realistic and detailed. It is small and retries, but it is still a great game due to its attention to 2d Graphics. We also recommend you to play Angry Birds Transformer Mod Apk.

Variety of Game Modes

Variety of Game Modes

The game is not boring because it has a variety of modes to play. Even if you play this game alone, there are a lot of choices like Bomber, Stealth, Attack, Defend and Defeat Boss. People in this game make clans, a big team, and teamwork to defeat powerful enemies. If you don’t want to make a clan, then you can play PvP online shooter where you will make a team with your friends to make your army and then beat enemies and make your name on the ranking. 

Insane variety of Levels

Insane variety of Levels

A few levels in the game maybe not be suitable for you, but here is the 1945 Air Force Mod Apk. You will get 350 stories through you can play. All these levels have 30 different battlefields. There are other challenges at every level, and this is one thing common you will see bosses end of every level. So be prepared strong your fighting skills to beat the tough bosses. They come with modern weapons and have terrible appearances and powers. 

Let’s take a look at how to download 1945 Air Force?

Method 1:

To download the 1945 Air Force mod apk check your internet connection and then go to the download button and download it on your mobile. After downloading, this mod file installs on your mobile, and you enjoy unlimited money and everything. 

Method 2:

If you are facing any issues, do not worry about this problem. Go to my youtube channel and watch my full guide video. You’ll get help with downloading. Also,

 share my videos in your social circle. I need your support. 

Did we collect some questions and their answers about the 1945 Air Force mod apk?

Question 1:

What will I get in this mod file?


You will get unlimited everything in this mod file.

Question 2:

Can I get this mod file for free?


Yes, you will get this mod file for free just go to the download button and install it on your mobile. 

Question 3:

Is it safe to use the mod file?


YES! mod file is checked, and it has no virus. It is safe for your device.


If you want to play the Airforce Aircraft game and explore 2d detailed and good graphics, consider playing 1945 Airforce Mod Apk. As it is a mod game, you will see everything unlocked and accessible here. You will get unlimited money and Gems. You can unlock career ranks, Aircraft, and many more things through them. This game has no Viruses and Zero Ads in it. You will enjoy unstoppable fun. 

Consider sharing this game with others like friends and family if you want to share the unlimited fun with them. Like try this game for just fun Rush Rails Mod Apk.

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