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Block City Wars is a Block City Thired person shooter game. The game was published by Kadexo in 2014. The game has a lot of features including Tank Battle. Multipalyer, Zombie Rush and many others game modes. This mod has unlimited money and unlimited Ammo
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Block City Wars is the 3D shooter 3rd person, a most famous game that grips the players’ attention and becomes popular some days in the world. This game is not for GTA fans, but it is the popular game food pixel shooter lovers. No laws or rules are applied in the Block City Wars; you can do anything on the streets, so you must be careful. You will explore the many different missions in this game while you play the game. So let’s play this 3D shooter game and explore the new game features.

block city wars mod apk introduction

Block City Wars is the 3D third-person shooter game with 13 unique multiplayer modes published by Kadexo and available for android platforms on the internet. You can download this game from the play store. It would help if you were very sharp when playing this game because everyone is shooting. After all, this mission is between mafia, cops, gangsters, or even about bangs. Your work is to get ahead of everyone because all are a hunter in this game. You can collect more coins, ammo, and weapons when you get ahead of everyone. We provide secure and safe modes for pixel shooter lovers; go and download the Block City Wars Mod APK and get unlimited coins and ammo. If you like this game then you can play Zombie Age 2 Mod Apk 2022.

Moreover, Block City Wars Mod APK has many ways to play and win, but I will give you some tips that will help you improve your game. Imagine you need to find a spot to snipe people so they do not spot you easily. Keep jumping on the roof; eventually, you will come across the snipping spot. And there you can sniper people here; beware of changing your position once you kill 1-3 people as they will know your location. And then you will go and have a good snipping spot; make sure to change your area once you have killed 1-3 enemies as they will know your location. Have you played at the enemy? This tip is good, and they usually can not attack you. The revolver also does the same thing; now time to switch my favorite gun, Info gun, and go. IOS Users can download Block City Wars from Apple App Store.


Unlimited Money and Ammo

Unlimited Money and Ammo

In the game, there are different weapons and skins for you. And you have to earn money ten you will be able to unlock them, but here in this mod, you don’t need to do anything. You must install this game on your device and get unlimited money and ammo. This is the block city wars hacked apk, including with the OBB file. If you are searching for block city wars, cheat; this mod will help you. So, download block city wars for unlimited money now.

Different game Modes

different game modes

There are many exciting game modes in the Block City Wars. You will see Tank Clash, team Battle, and Zombie Rush. Free Fight, Cops, and Robbers. In-tank Clash, you can play with the powerful different tanks with your friends. You can include your friends and compete with the other players in Multiplayer battles. Simple in the Team Battle, you can make your team defeat the other team and win. And if you want to play a Zombie role, you can select Zombi Rush and kill others with powerful attacks. And it is the free fight you can explore the entire city rather than a specific area. 

Huge open World Map 

Huge open World Map 

You can explore the entire city because it has an open Wolrd Map. You can travel and watch the different places and fly sky over the skyscrapers; you will find another experience in various areas. 

Different Variety Epic Weapons 

Different Variety Epic Weapons 

The lifestyle in this game is something like a Gangster. You will get powerful weapons here, and you have to be more assertive with them. You can take down any enemy because of the guns. There are 100 different weapons you can choose. There are Sniper, AK 14, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. There are Melee weapons, too, in this game. 

How to Block City Wars Mod APK download?

Method 1: There is APK and OBB files. So you can simple click on the download button and you will direclty downlaod the file without opening new tab. If you dont’ know how to install the obb File then wathh the “how to download” of this article. After that Simply install it and have fun

Method 2:

For those facing problems downloading Block City Wars Mod APK games, go to my youtube channel and watch my full guide video. I hope it is helpful for you.

Shooter games lovers mostly asked questions about Block City Wars Mod APK?

Question 01:

How to get free money on Block City Wars?


You will get free money on Block City Wars by downloading the mod file from my website.

Question 02:

Can I play Block City Wars online game?


Yes, you can play Block City Wars online game.

Question 03:

Can I play Block City Wars pc by using an emulator?


Yes, you can play Block City Wars pc by using the emulator.

Question 04:

Is the Block City Wars multiplayer game?


Yes, the Block City Wars multiplayer match.

Question 05:

How to play block city wars?


It is not easy, but as you start to play, you will get familiar with it. You can search about it on Youtube. 


If you want to play a shooting game with not realistic graphics and want some blocks character and almost everything related to it, then you should try Block City Wars Mod Apk. The game has many features, and you can explore the vast map and even play battle games, multiplayer, zombi games, and many more. It blocks city wars’ new update. Moreover, this mode has unlimited money and ammo, so you can play as you want. You can also change your skins. 

Consider sharing it if you want to play with your friend as a multiplayer. You may also like Call Of Duty MOD APK.

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